Black Pearl


Beverly Hills Collars ‘Simply Switch’ Black Pearl bezel is made from the finest English Bridle leather and adorned with Black Pearlescent crystals, Gold pyramid, and conical domed rivets.

Our Interchangeable Bezels come in four standard lengths: 4″ inches, 6 1/2″ inches, 9″ inches & 11″ inches.

The measurement is taken from distance between the Interchangeable Collar’s two posts. Note: When ordering a Bezel, do not measure the leather Bezel’s overall length, only the distance between the 2 posts.


Collars that are 10″-12″ take a 4″ inch Bezel

Collars that are 14″-16″ take a 6 1/2″ inch Bezel

Collars that are 16″-20″ take a 9″ inch Bezel

Collars that are 22″-26″ take a 11″ inch Bezel



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