Small Breed Collection

Beverly Hills Collars ‘Small Breed Collection’ covers small sized dogs. In this collection the average pets neck size starts at 10”inches and can be as large as 16”inches.

This collar is available in a 1″ inch width.  NOTE: This collar can also be sized up to fit medium to large breed dogs.

‘Feel Like Trott’n’ is one classy looking dog collar. This beautifully handcrafted, four-layered English Bridle leather collar that Beverly Hills Collars offers has two separate bezels which really sets this unique style of neckwear off and apart from the crowd.

Beverly Hills Collars handcrafted, multi-layered custom construction begins with premium grade ‘Grey’ Napa leather. The incredibly soft leather is, then, fully wrapped around contoured 3 millimeter thick neoprene padding for your best friend’s ultimate comfort.

Next, we meticulously hand stitch the English Bridle leather collar (‘Black’) and ‘Grey’ Napa leather padded lining to the English Bridle leather.

The twin ‘Black’ leather bezels of ‘Feel Like Trott’n’ (pictured above) has a repeating pattern of Gold domed rivets both large and small on each bezel.

Beverly Hills Collars handcrafted collars features color coordinated ‘Black’ threading, ‘Black’ edge stripping on both collar & bezel leathers, heavy-duty Gold buckle, Gold D-ring, matching Gold leather belt stay, and re-enforced rivets. A full warrantee supports our quality workmanship.

Please note: Due to unique design and construction of these collars, they have heavier and thicker feel than your basic, run of the mill dog collar. Also, belt buckle styles are subject to change.


Please note: The Price $125.00 is based on a 10″ -12″ Collar length and 1″ collar width. Costs increase as collar lengths and collar widths increase



Pet Details

Final price:
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10-12″, 12-14″, 14-16”




As shown in photo, Brass, Silver

English Bridle Leathers

Collar exactly as shown in photo, Black, Brown, Chestnut, English Tan

Padded Liner Leather Color

Collar exactly as shown in photo, Black, Grey, Light Pink, Lime Green, Ocher, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Saddle Brown, Soft Blue, Yellow

Top Leather Bezel Color

Collar exactly as shown in photo, Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Chestnut, English Tan, Light Blue, Light Pink, Light Purple, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal, Vibrant Pink, White, Yellow

Custom Dyed Leather Colors

Collar exactly as shown in photo, Beige, Blue, Light Blue, Light Pink, Light Purple, Orange, Purple, Teal, Vibrant Pink, White, Yellow