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Parrot Green


Beverly Hills Collars ‘Simply Switch’ Parrot Green bezel is made from the finest English Bridle leather and adorned with flat head rivets & ‘Emerald Green’ Swarvoski Crystals.

Our Interchangeable Bezels come in four standard lengths: 4″ inches, 6 1/2″ inches, 9″ inches & 11″ inches.

The measurement is taken from distance between the Interchangeable Collar’s two posts. Note: When ordering a Bezel, do not measure the leather Bezel’s overall length, only the distance between the 2 posts.


Collars that are 10″-12″ take a 4″ inch Bezel

Collars that are 14″-16″ take a 6 1/2″ inch Bezel

Collars that are 16″-20″ take a 9″ inch Bezel

Collars that are 22″-26″ take a 11″ inch Bezel



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