Plain Jane


1″ Wide, Ready-to-Wear Collection

Beverly Hills Collars ‘Ready-to-Wear Collection’ is a handcrafted, high quality, fashionable product line.

BHC always strives to keep this collection either in stock or ready to ship within a week or less.

BHC’s Ready-to-Wear collars are constructed in a traditional style. This stream-line, rugged, weather tested collar line was designed to be viewed as timeless.

We have reduced the weight & bulk by eliminating the padded liner. Our trademark of quality starts by using only the finest English Bridle Leathers available.

This particular collar is available a in 1″ inch width. In this collection the average pets neck size starts at 14”inches and can be as large as 22”inches.

Beverly Hills Collars handcrafted, double-layer custom construction begins with the finest ‘Dark Brown’ English Bridle Leather. This incredibly strong & durable leather is then edge beveled along its length on the underside of the collar to insure your pet’s comfort.

The hardware is a Silver buckle & hand-dyed ‘Dark Brown’ leather belt stay. We have securely attached a D-ring in the middle of the collar as opposed to being placed by the buckle, this helps to keep the decorative leather bezel face-up when walking your pet on a leash. 

‘Plain Jane’ sports a ‘Dark Brown’ leather bezel (pictured above)

All Beverly Hills Collars are custom designed. We re-enforce all rivets. And a full warrantee supports our quality workmanship.


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Size Ready-to-Wear 1"

10″-12″, 12″-14″, 14″-16″, 16″-18″, 18″-20″


As shown in photo, Brass, Silver